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The pneumatically-balanced ZEO is an engineering marvel of precision, durability, and comfort. Its durable chrome-plated marine brass metal valve delivers a phenomenal breathing experience, improves cold-water performance, and helps recirculate moisture from exhalation to prevent dry mouth. The breathing adjustment gives the diver a wide range of control to precisely set airflow throughout the dive.

The ZEO comes standard with an in-line hose swivel, inhalation effort control, dynamic adjustment technology dive/pre-dive switch, and a super comfortable orthodontic mouth
a piece featuring an inline ball swivel on the hose connection to eliminate the binding that can cause jaw fatigue.

The new cold-forged, over-balanced diaphragm FDX-i first stage is environmentally sealed. The in-line design limits the pressure loss inherent in "L" type first stage designs making the FDX-i more efficient and lighter due to its compact form.

Valve Type:                                        Demand
Adjustment(s):                                   A.V.S. (pre-dive) & Flow Adjust
Balancing System:                             Pneumatic
Mouthpiece:                                      Orthodontic with Tabs
Nitrox Compatibility:                         Standard to 40%
Weight (without hose):                      7.2 ounces
Dimensions (Front Profile):                5.8cm x 7.6cm (oval shape)
Work of Breathing:                            0.86 Joules
Warranty:                                           LIMITED LIFETIME
Service Agreement:                           FREE PARTS FOR LIFE


Valve Type:                                         Balanced Diaphragm
Primary Material:                                Forged Marine Brass
Pressure Ports:                                    LP (4), HP (2)
Nitrox Compatibility:                          Standard to 40%
Sealed Valve Design:                          *
Environmental Protection                  *
Warranty:                                            LIMITED LIFETIME
Service Agreement:                            FREE PARTS FOR LIFE


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