Shearwater Peregrine Dive Computer

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Shearwater Peregrine Dive Computer



The Shearwater Peregrine brings divers worldwide exceptional value and performance at an affordable price. The Shearwater dive computer comes with a full-color LCD, two-button control, air, nitrox, 3 gas nitrox, and gauge mode as well as Shearwater's reliable full decompression support.

In 2020 the Shearwater Peregrine was awarded the best dive computer watch entering the global market.

This dive computer is best suited for Air and Nitrox divers but has the no lockout full decompression support you expect from Shearwater. Alongside wireless charging and Bluetooth support offering convenient connectivity.


  • Air - Simple air mode for everyday diving
  • Nitrox - Single gas up to 40%
  • Gauge Mode - Depth, time, resettable stopwatch function
  • 3 O/C Gases Nitrox - Up to 100% O2
  • Vibration Alerts


  • Full color 2.2” LCD display
  • Rugged rubber bumper
  • Rated to 120m / 390ft
  • Air, Single-gas Nitrox, and multi-gas Nitrox modes
  • Simplified recreational diving modes
  • Full decompression support
  • Bühlmann ZHL-16C with gradient factors
  • No lockout for violating deco stops
  • CNS tracking
  • Quick No-deco limit (NDL) planner
  • Full decompression planner
  • Customizable vibration alerts
  • Programmable depth sampling rates
  • Bluetooth dive log uploading to Shearwater Cloud
  • Wireless charging
  • Firmware upgrades over Bluetooth

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