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NEOTEK 8/7/6


Enjoy the warmth of our Notec 8/7/6 Coldwater hooded semi-dry. Constructed from a compression-resistant 8/7/6 mm neoprene and a Hollis exclusive Thermae Skin inner liner. Includes a front neck dam with revolutionary G-lock horizontal front zipper for easy on/off and a tight barrier against water intrusion. Arms and legs are also sealed against leaks with an internal dam. All seams are double glued and butt joined with a blind stitch construction which is all covered by a unique liquid seam. Fitted with generous pockets on both the left and right thigh and comes in 9 different sizes.

  • 8/7/6 mm compression-resistant and super stretch neoprene mix
  • Exclusive "ThermaSkin" inner liner
  • G-lock horizontal front zipper with internal bib
  • Neck, wrist, and ankle internal dams
  • Seams are quadruple glued and butt joined with a blindstitch
  • Liquid glued seams cover the entire suit
  • Tech-friendly thigh pockets on both left and right thigh
  • Attached hood standard
  • Seams are sewn and double taped for extreme protection

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