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The M3 Mask provides visibility, the most important aspect of any dive, with distortion-free vision and superior fit. This low profile design uses a rigid frame and two lenses with an ultra clear glass. The low iron content produces a higher light transmittance and a reduced green tint inherent in other glasses. This makes the lenses distortion free and helps improve color and visibility in low light conditions underwater. Optical lenses from -1.5 to -8.0 diopters available.

  • Frameless 100% pure silicon skirt
  • Saint-Gobain Diamant—crystal clear lenses
  • Easily fitted with optical lenses from -1.5 to -8.0 diopters
  • Wide vision and low volume
  • 4 way buckle design for superior comfort and storage if needed

Mount your GOPRO® camera and housing on your M3 Mask for handsfree
photography and video. Made from durable Delrin plastic, the M3 GoPro Mount is easy-to-install on the M3 with just a Hex Key Wrench.
Once mounted, your camera and housing can be attached to your mask when needed and you can film your underwater adventures with ease.

Customer Reviews

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Ruth M. Ott
No problem.

Ozzy nautilus scuba dive shop is always synonim for quality! Been loving this brand since a long time! I had this mask for a while and is comfortable, fits well on my face and no leak problem!❣️

Rodrigo Rodrigues Araujo
Great Purchase

I love the way this mask fits. It is comfortable and clears easily.

Would definately recommend.

Great service, great advice and it arrived next. What more can you ask for. Thanks.

Would definately recommend.

林部 千代子
Excellent product

Comfy, good fit and visibility. Prompt service from company ♥️

Zhen Yin
Wonderful Mask

This mask fit really well on my admittedly large head. I had my daughter try them on and she was able to adjust them to fit her as well. She used them on her recent trip.
and said they worked great.

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