Scuba Heat

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Scuba Heat

We turned up the heat on performance Scuba Heat is a personal thermal protection device for you and your regulator that protects from cold stress. Scuba Heat’s coil mounts onto your tank band in between your first and second stage. As air from the first stage enters the coil, it’s instantly warmed by the surrounding water, then exits the coil toward your second stage.

• No moving parts
• No batteries
• No heating elements
• Fits most conventional single hose regulators

Scuba Heat reduces the risk of cold stress by heating up
the cold air you breathe in before it enters your lungs.

How it Works:
1. Rapid expansion cools the gas to temperatures below freezing at the 1st stage
2. The highly efficient heat exchanger transfers heat from the water to the breathing gas in the coil
3. The diver breathes gas much warmer than if directly from the 1st stage. The gas is instantly warmed by the surrounding water, then exits the coil towards your second stage.

Independently Tested
Scuba Heat has been an independent laboratory tested to effectively prevent second-stage freeze-up in the most extreme circumstances that are not even possible for a scuba diver to achieve. 200’ depth, constant 3000 psi supply tank pressure, 34°F/ 1°C water, and breathing rate of 62.5 RMV1 for a duration of 30 minutes.

Premium Materials
The heat-exchanging coil is made of a special thermally conductive and corrosion-resistant copper-nickel alloy that will not reduce airflow or otherwise degrade your
regulator performance.

Universal Anti-Freeze
Protection For Second Stage Regulators Scuba Heat ensures your second stage
regulator stays protected from freezing and free-flow even in extremely cold conditions. Scuba Heat also includes two additional warm outlets for drysuit, inflator, or to use.

Did You Know
Did you know that the air we breathe during a cold-water dive is so cold that it puts
stress on our body’s ability to keep warm? In response, our lungs try to act as a heat exchanger by warming up the cold air. Exerting this much energy can result in Cold Stress, a condition that can lead to hypothermia and a decrease in coordination, reflex, and dexterity.



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