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The Problue Emergency CPR Mask is an excellent addition to any medical or first aid kit.

The mask itself will fit any sized face, as it can be inverted to fit over the mouth and nose of children and used in the conventional set-up for adults.

It is ideal for use as a CPR mask and also for use as a rescue-dive aid as the one way valve prevents any water from entering the nose and mouth.

It has a central replaceable one-way valve to breathe into during CPR and has a smaller tube below the main valve that an oxy -viva can be attached to.

It is made out of clear PVC, with a central section that is collapsible making it compact and easy to store.

It comes in a durable plastic case that snaps closed and has a clear plastic belt clip on the back.

The mask comes with a bright green adjustable strap to account for different sized heads.

The seal around the edge of the mask is inflated to provide a perfect seal.

It is water proof and dive proof and can be stored in a BCD pocket.

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