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The Hollis Underwater Notebook is a ring-bound wet note pad within a very durable Cordura surround that provides organizer pockets and pouches. The notebook is supplied in separate components - the Cordura outer, a wet notebook within a protective wrapper, and a pencil on a length of cord.

The yellow protective wrapper around the actual notebook can be removed and the notebook inserted into the Cordura sleeve wrap by sliding the outer covers into the cover. The pages are then protected by the sleeve. The pencil can be secured to the bungee loop at the bottom of the sleeve or another point of your choice.

The front of the outer sleeve is finished with the Hollis logo and the rear is a transparent pocket secured with Velcro. A bungee cord loop fixed in the center point of the spine acts as the securing loop by passing over the end of the notebook to keep closed.


  • Durable and protective Cordura outer sleeve
  • Ring-bound notebook insert
  • Organizer sleeves on the inside
  • Supplied with pencil

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